Mar 19th, 2020
Walter Knoll – Sofa Living Landscape
Post by Bellavita Luxury

A sofa landscape with which our perspective of life can change direction. Living Landscape 755 modifies a space – it not only opens up the area in front of but also behind the sofa, thus widening our views. To the lake, the fireplace, the people at our side.

Living Landscape 755 is the comfort zone for everyone and everything. One person might be reading, another gazing at the landscape outside, while a third person works. Independently from one another, but close enough to be together. Just right. Living Landscape 755 flexibly fits into a room without taking over – living room, loft, open space. With a clear shape, solid and stable. Expertly created in perfect craftsmanship from the upholstery to the seams.


The houses of the great masters create relationships. They link inside and out, between surrounding landscape and the people in the room, between areas for eating, living and sleeping and a view into the distance. The designers from EOOS studied the plans of great architects such as Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright as well as Shigeru Ban and asked the question which pieces of furniture can best establish a relationship between furniture and room? The answer: the ideal sofa has to reflect the diversity of open architecture by opening up, or „activating“ as the designers from EOOS call it, the various perspectives of the room. This was how Living Landscape 750 came into being a good ten years ago. A success. A living landscape which gives its occupiers a new spatial experience thanks to gently swiveling corner elements. Cubist, communicative with a range of possible uses. A patented mechanism, concealed in the attractive corpus, is the secret behind these changing perspectives.

This idea, the interaction of form and function, makes Living Landscape a timeless, modern living object in the very best sense of Bauhaus. The redesign of 2019 entailed a sensitive revision of shape for a softer touch and feel. And the soft upholstery now offers even more comfort and depth in the seating experience. Supplemented with the new tray and the side table, Living Landscape 755 satisfies the desire for a modern lifestyle.