Oct 15th, 2021
T-Bone armchair & Árbol side table – A masterpiece duo by designer Jaime Hayon
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Following the success of the iconic Twenty Two armchair, the Ceccotti Collezioni brand once again put its trust in designer Jaime Hayon.

Ceccotti Collezioni presents a 25-piece limited edition of the T-Bone designed by Jaime Hayon, signed and numbered, with a special silver plaque. Shellacked mahogany will only be used in this special version: a precious finish that takes hours of work (up to 8 coats) to reach the perfect shine, evenness and purity. It is a wood and a finish that Ceccotti Collezioni uses only for a few special pieces and that felt perfect for such an exceptional star, the limited-edition T-Bone. The upholsteries, designed by Livio De Simone, are hand-painted cotton and go perfectly well with the shellacked mahogany frame of the chair.

The Árbol is the most recent side table that has been added to Ceccotti’s collections. Designed by Jaime Hayon, it adds personality to any space, from residential to commercial interiors, and can be matched with the T-Bone armchairs.In its name and in its design, the Árbol recalls a tree. Three “branches” are grafted into the main body, with the tops providing a larger work surface.