May 13th, 2024
Post by Bellavita Luxury

Dimensione Chi Wing Lo’s new collection, introduced at the recent Milan event, is boldly Asian style and delicate. The collection created by architect Chi Wing Lo and artisans has uniquely combine wood, leather and metal. Not only that, each shape and curve of the product is also meticulously designed to achieve precision and perfection. This combination not only creates beautiful products but also brings a soft and warm feeling to the living space.

From the artistic perspective of architect Chi Wing Lo, nature is not only an important part of the world, but also an indispensable part of each individual’s living space. The special touches on the product, such as when the user gently strokes the rounded edges to turn on the light inside the desk drawer, or the delicate wood carving details, the meticulousness of the cabinet door rotation, all bring us returning to the most primitive and natural things.

Every detail on the product is designed by him with a different experience, to show the close connection between humans and nature, between the development of modern values and the preservation of traditional values, source of life.