Oct 22nd, 2021
Lagos table – Interior masterpiece from Italy
Post by Bellavita Luxury

LAGOS – with the softness of every curve, captures the power of the energy and beauty created by the masterpiece. LAGOS dining table – one of the iconic products of the Baxter brand, designed by team Baxter P. The highlight is the natural stone table top created in an asymmetrical oval shape, the table top is placed on 3 stable and cylindrical table legs. Going beyond the traditional shape of common dining table designs, the table legs come in 3 completely different sizes, with the core construction in solid wood, finishing surface in antique brass or iron coating. All these points are truly unique, giving a timeless feel to the LAGOS table masterpiece. Moreover, the essence of this design lies in the natural stone countertops crafted by Gogeddit Stone – a natural stone quarry and supplier established in 1989. Customers have a variety of choices to choose stone surfaces, depending on color and texture preferences. Each slab has its own unique veins, pores and slight cracks that bear the mark of time. Yet the most unique, the most valuable, the most loved, is the Patagonian Granite surface, which belongs to the classification of high-class and rare stones, is the result of the generous offer from Mother Nature, formed from the process of crystallization between granite and onyx, with a rare total mined in Brazil. Each stone slab has its own uniqueness, based on a cream background, combining yellow, gray and black stone crystals, it is truly impressive and gorgeous for any space that owns it. Large arrays of natural quartz crystals also help to spread positive energy fields to the user. The polychromatic nature of this stone crystal shines with a special sparkle under the influence of light and works well in backlit effects because of its translucent texture, creating stunning views for your home. It is this interesting mix that also makes the mining and processing of Patagonian stone face more laborious. Each stone countertop is a work of art and Baxter offers its customers the opportunity to design and contribute to the shaping cuts on this special stone. Each LAGOS table is truly a unique masterpiece in the world. Currently, Bellavita Luxury is fortunate to display this artistic furniture in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City showrooms.