Mar 18th, 2022
From a wood workshop to a renowned interior brand Ceccotti Collezioni
Post by Bellavita Luxury

Ceccotti Collezioni has become a prestigious representative for the carpentry industry in Tuscany, from formally to the quality as well as the sentimental values that their products carry.

Derived from the artistic cultural inspiration in the furniture and woodworking industry, Ceccotti Collezioni was established in 1956 in a town of Tuscany. The founder – Aviero Ceccotti – led the company to take their first steps in the wood furniture industry, providing housing furniture and then developing a furniture supply chain for hotels as well as in-dept training for their carpentry workmans to ensure the top quality for their products.

In 1998, Franco Ceccotti – the second generation of Ceccotti family – Resonated and brough Ceccotti Collezioni brand to the next level. Well-known as a man with sharp intuition and bravery of a warrior who always ready to take risky steps, Franco Ceccotti chose to cooperate with a talented designer from Pisa – Roberto Lazzeroni, who live and work with design philosophy that chooses a balance between the quintessence of the past and the modern norms. This is what breathes a new life to collections that made the name of Ceccotti Collezioni in international markets.

Every collection is made with core material being solid natural wood, especially American Walnut. Infact, American Walnut with its strong but extremely flexible as well as high durability characteristics, have been chosen to be the main woodline throughout decades of establishment and development of the brand. Being able to show the most perfect designs, express basic characteristics through smooth, winding, gentle, slender but extremely solid curves.

Thanks to these intangible values, along with impressive designs, Ceccotti Collezioni products have become a tangible heritage, creating exclusivity for every customer. Ceccotti Collezioni has accompanied Bellavita Luxury from the early days. Until now, Ceccotti Collezioni has become one of the key brands, along with Bellavita Luxury to bring many emotions to many customers who love this unique wooden furniture product line.