Mar 17th, 2020
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Since the founding of the boarding school for nourishing craftsmen at the Benedictine Convent in Meda, Brianza has flourished over the last two centuries from an agricultural livelihood to become a renowned center of Designed and Made in Italy, gathering the most innovative designers and skillful artisans to dedicate themselves to the art and beauty of furniture marking.

It is in this context that our 5000 square meter workshop and more than 50 years of refinement in craftsmanship and technology have provided us the support and resources to grow to become one of the internationally recognized Italian brands.

For us, modern machinery, even if it is becoming more indispensable for every realization, remains to be tools to help us to cut a line straighter, a corner sharper, a surface smoother. They have in many ways inspired design and making, but they do not necessarily guarantee a desirable result despite the wide availability of such tools in every part of the world. Why?

Precisely, this is where passion, the spirit of pursuing beauty and perfection, comes in to transcend design with innovation and making with a sense of pride. Designed and Made in Italy continue to enjoy an unshakeable recognition throughout the world for decades, and if we were to understand this phenomenal authenticity in simple terms, it is nothing but always that inner quest from every designer and craftsman to strive for something purer and better, directing precious resources to reconcile form and comfort, technology and human instinct, creating new possibilities of opening a cabinet with delight, of forging a joint with durability and grace, of finishing a surface with sensibility and respectfulness to the natural materials we use…

Rooted in this Italian tradition, DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO®, through its original design and impeccable craftsmanship, is at the forefront to carry on this mission with rigor and confidence. Our design and making speak for themselves about a creative force that challenges and improves conventional approach, an explorative openness that synthesizes idea and realization with unprecedented result, and above all, a passion that fosters and perpetuates the very essence of Designed and Made in Italy.