Though it started as a small store in town centre of Florence and without altering its hand-crafted soul, Savio Firmino has become a worldwide esteemed and renowned firm within the past seventy-five years. Founded in 1941 by Firmino Savio, an expert carver, the enterprise started its business the same year in which Guido, the owner’s second son, was born.
The classical and timeless Savio Firmino style is the result of artisan expertise and mastery of handicrafts. Passion and artistic sensitivity nurtured in Florence, cradle of the Italian Renaissance where the most beautiful works of Art can be found, have influenced the unique design of Savio Firmino.
Our artists’ expert and skilful hands give birth to prestigious items that offer, also to the most demanding public, distinctive and innovative furnishing solutions for the most exclusive residences.
There are 35 showrooms worldwide and 1 showroom in Vietnam.

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