Over the years, Planika has gained wide expertise in modern fire solutions and today we are making the most advanced fireplaces in the world. At the beginning, our flagship product was an ethanol fireplace. Now we offer two approaches to achieve the same natural fire. If you choose ethanol or gas, we already have it for you. Each of our solutions is based on automatic features, unique design and the most natural golden flames. Our mission is to provide innovative and revolutionary technologies necessary to ensure great comfort of use and maximum safety.

Planika is the leader in developing and designing the long line of real fire, even there where you wouldn’t imagine. With the application of the most modern technologies, we can provide natural flames everywhere, without exceptions. Planika is about innovation that brings fire to a completely new level. Our experience allows us to make incredible things and bring fresh-new approach to fire design and the area of technology. We are the leaders, providing revolutionary solutions, never before seen in the fireplace industry.

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