Jan Kath is one the most important carpet designers on the international stage. Around the world, more than 1,500 carpet weavers work for his company, while seven employees work in the creative department in Bochum. The collections are marketed by specially selected partners all over the globe. The designs have received many awards (Red Dot Design Award, Carpet Design Award, Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany). Renowned interior designers incorporate them in their work, and they are highly praised in the trade press. Traditional craftsmanship meets modern logistics: while the manufacture of the carpets follows carpet-weaving techniques that are centuries old and extremely time-consuming, “Jan Kath Design” is a highly effective logistics company operating internationally.

With regard to size, format, and materials, the carpets can be made according to individual wishes. Even the collections can be freely combined with one another in a kind of modular design system. Yarns from wool, silk, and stinging nettles are available in a range of over 1,200 colors.

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