Oct 8th, 2021
Baxter marks its return with the Milano Worldwide Collection 2021
Post by Bellavita Luxury

Although the furniture brand is quite young in Vietnam but it has been a long-standing name in Italy, Baxter is asserting its own place in the vibrant high-end furniture market in Vietnam.

The history of Baxter dates back to 1990 in Brianza, the cradle of creative design in Italy. From the dream of a different business and the desire to expand to the world, the brand was born with a combination of tradition and modernity, production experience and non-stop creative energy. Baxter’s development is fueled by a passion for infusing emotions into interiors, and at the same time bringing a different lifestyle to customers who choose to own Baxter.

Like every year, Baxter continues to launch the Milano Worldwide Collection 2021, inspired by the worlds of art, fashion, design and architecture. This collection was born as a fusion of influences from different concepts, and most of all, all with the same bold use of color and ideas with a sense of everyday life.

The house appears as a place to place pieces of furniture of different styles from different periods, as if they came from a collection built over time. From sofas, armchairs, to carpets and other diverse items, all are in the form of loose structures, with a single mission, to contribute to creating a more comfortable living space.

At the heart of every Baxter philosophy is the quest for excellence in all shapes and materials, and the Milano Worldwide 2021 collection launched on September 5th this year is no exception.

Considered the most creative, and the protagonist of the year, the Clara sofa collection by Christophe Delcourt is developed from basic shapes, but still creates a harmony when putting different modules together. From a sofa consisting of many modules, made up of many separate parts, as well as curves winding up and down; the same main function as a way to divide the space of the living room into separate spaces, expressing the personality of the owner.

Besides, there are Fany table, Keren armchair and Beki pouf from Delcourt; Barret armchair, Altea bookshelf and Arles mirror by the duo Draga & Aurel; Mikado bookshelf, Ellipse table molded by the hands of Federico Peri; Milano armchair from Paola Navone…

Along with new product innovation and development, color and material studies are also a special element of Baxter this year. The combination of two shades of green descending in wood and lichen, recalls the atmosphere of a cozy and elegant home. The new leather panels are combined with the precious white Travertino marble and Lichen colored Onyx.

Purple and pistachio green are a subtle combination inspired by a fashionable palette. Among the stones, Baxter found the Cipollino Abyssal marble, a true work of art gifted by nature.

Lavender color is combined with orange and Myrtille; striking accents come together in more subdued colors, accompanied by a wonderful Tangerine Onyx.

All these novel experiments have created an impressive collection of outstanding products, unmistakable by any other brand, which is exactly what Baxter wants to emphasize.