Feb 19th, 2020
1ness-Accessories collection by Chi Wing Lo
Post by Bellavita Luxury

Encompassing the fields of architecture, sculpture, interior and furniture design, Chi Wing Lo’s prolific output is recognized by his refinement in ideas and attention to every detail. His dedication to the design and making of finer objects may very well be the most concise mean to convey his thinking.

Lo founded 1ness to share with us his works inspired by unique materials and techniques that have passed on to our generation. His objects are filled with insight into the art of making and reveal how he would arrest, at certain moment through established process, an unexplored potential that could open up new possibilities and ideas. Lo reexamines conventional productions with observance and empathy. He wishes his designs can help to rejuvenate a craft from falling into oblivion by bringing it closer to the need and spirit of our time. He hopes his rigorous reinterpretations, however bound by set perimeters, can propel forward more viable alternatives. Like how he sees his architecture and furniture, Lo wants these objects of everyday life to evoke a true fulfillment in which one may be able to comprehend that simplicity can be enriching and being adequate can be more than sufficient.